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I know allot about BMX, almost everything there is to know actually (arguably) about riding - But I do not know what it is like to take over 10 days trying to get a never been done before/not sure it's even possible trick, and finally getting it done after countless failures, injuries and bike parts. To you Kieran Reilly I really will salute you till my last breath for as this to me is really amazing regardless of the trick.

So want to also tell my mates and customers, I built his wheels in January, rode with him in September last year and he's only just pulled the trick last week! Needless to say I think my wheel building skills are up to par if they have outlasted bent frames and hundreds of failed triple flairs!

Check the images below and also see the link to the Redbull Official write up!

Kieran Rielly Triple flair 1

Kieran broke 3 frames before breaking my first wheel build last year, and this time he rode the new set for over 6 months and the wheels still held up enough for him!
below you will see I sign every rim I build and date them, you will also notice I like to line up the valve hole and hub logo for that extra pro touch!

We used Titanium Alloy Spokes for Kieran's wheels for the lightness and ability to flex whilst retaining strength, something essential for when you do a 24ft high triple backflip with a 180 thrown in for good measure!

kieran rielly wheel

I Took these photos when we did a show together in london, great day that was!

You can read more and watch the video here below! oh and if you want your wheel builds done right...I guess you know who to call - 07889975933

Kieran Rielly's wheels and BMX
Kieran Rielly Triple flair wheel
kieran rielly bmx wheels