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Custom Work

Where other shops dare not go - we will do it with a regular 30 day workmanship warranty and with top industry standards and sometimes even better!

Bottom Bracket Chasing/cutting
£25 (Includes facing)

Using over £600 worth of tooling, we will re-align and chase your threads so that bearings sit perfectly in-line to give you longer lasting bearings and smoother function. Highly recommended for all bb bearing swaps and must be done for all Shimano products to actually have a warranty!

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BMX Gyro/brake mount drilling

We will drill and fit removable brake mounts for your gyro set-up if your frame doesn't come already pre drilled. We will make sure the gyro sits in the optimum spot for the best performing brakes ever!

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Fork/Bar/Seat post Cutting

If your post is too long or fork is too high or maybe handlebars need cutting down...We will work out what you need, what the limits of the manufacturer states and amongst other things - we will cut to your desire.

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Bolt removal Services
£14 - £25

Had a bolt head round off? perhaps you snapped a bolt or damaged the threads? We can usually fix that.

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