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Complete Services

From the most basic of services involving minor adjustments to the most extreme services that involves a full rebuild, all work will be carried out with top quality tools and components so you can rest easy knowing that your bike has been looked after. All work also comes with a 30 day workmanship warranty!

Service Packages

Basic Service
£45 1 Hour

Basic services are for keeping already looked after bicycles in perfect working order. I will adjust your gears, Brakes (non hydraulic), all bolts retentioned(to correct tension), test ridden all the way to pumping your tires up & giving you the 30 day warranty boast!

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Most Popular
Road Ready Service
£90 2 Hours

Our Most Popular Service because along with the basic service we also re-grease headset, bottom brackets & unsealed hubs, do a basic hub service with wheel true (if needed) add artisanal touches to optimise the riding you are doing whilst also cleaning brake pads and brake surfaces with a free health check to top it all off. Well worth it! (Hydraulic brakes not included.)

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Full Service
£170 5 Hours

Complete strip down and Re-build of the bicycle, cleaning/re-greasing everything so the bike is back to brand new (excludes suspension servicing) One of our most popular services for avid cyclists.

Downhill bikes and Time Trial bikes are excluded from this but will gain special deals depending on the scope of work.

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Custom Work?

Do you have some special parts that need servicing or adjusting outside the scope of "typical work" ? Then you have come to the right guy...Get in touch for more details, or check out the Fabrication page!

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