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Local suspension servicing in weston-super-mare & Cheddar - Your suspension is a core component of any mountain bike whether that be for extreme downhill or casual cross country. Therefore it is incredibly important that your suspension setup is maintained to a high standard regularly and set up to suit you.

Did you know, just like an oil change in a car; you should have a basic lower leg service every 50 hours of riding to maximise the life and performance of your suspension? Although it sounds over kill, but this is what brands recommend and over the past 2 years of servicing forks and shocks, I really agree. So many forks come in to me with scratch marks which allows dirt and grime to penetrate the seals and deep inside the internal components.

Suspension Services

Basic Lower Leg Service (50hr)
£30 Fork out of bike only

A lower leg service is the cheapest and fastest fork service I offer here at Stuntman Mechanix. This involves fork disassebly, fluid draining, cleaning/degreasing and finally being topped up with fresh high quality fork oil!

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Most Popular
Proper Basic Fork Service

Everything included in the Lower Leg Service and more! This is my most popular fork service which involves headset and fork cleaning, re-lubricating and even rider weight setup face-to-face on collection/drop-off Incredible value for money!
(Seals 'n spares are extra if needed)

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Interim Fork service
£50 Pro Athlete Special!

What SETS THIS SERVICE APART from other shops is that it is Everything the basic service does but with the added internals rebuilt on the aircan side using artisanal and race proven touches/secrets that prevent things like "fork suck" and actually keep the fork self maintained for much longer. This is something only I can offer and use for many race professionals

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Full Suspension Service

A full suspension service covers re-bleeding/building dampers, fitting of any new parts needed (minus the cost of the new parts needed), pro level fluids used and set up with the customer - Usually ideal when forks have a problem and please google fork services elsewhere, I am far far cheaper.

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Basic Rear Shock Service

Rear shocks are a core component of any full suspension mountain bike and require only a little less maintenance than your forks, but by no means less important. This basic service includes a disassembly, seal clean/replacement*, re-lubrication and installing back onto the bike and set up with customer. (seals and extras are sometimes included)

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Full Shock Service
Get In Touch Depends on Shock and Needs

Now these take about a week at current times but are sent of to a state of the art tuning factory that keeps all parts in stock, has the best of the best doing full builds day in/out and have custom Tools for the job to give standards I simply cannot replicate without spending tens of thousands to do. Your shock will come back clean and better than new with a warranty and bag of Haribo!

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